Save Tree Save Life

-Umang Singhar -

MP MLA Umang Singhar always follow the rule that is  save tree and save life and try to inspire maximum peoples in his reach for tree planting. Certainly we all know that tree is must for Oxygen.

Trees are the future, a resource all must nurture

Respect we should have for Mother Nature,
Earthquakes and Tsunamis we face,
Very soon thou shall have no trace,
Do not be so occupied in life’s race,
That you fail, not eligible, even for a grace.
Plant a sapling once in a while,
At least celebrate your birthday with a sapling smile.
Each year when you plant a sapling,

A seed of Mother Nature begins dancing,
The leaves and the branches begin romancing,
The essence of this romance will last a generation,
Giving pure air, healthy environment to our nation,
Come join us for a tree plantation…

Plant a tree on every occasion, only this way, everybody can participate and make our forest grow.  As a result will be a group of trees, all planted for you, Similarity each one including a birthday wish from whoever took part in the celebration.

Umang Singhar (MP MLA) run a drive ” RUN FOR GREENERY ” on the occasion of his birthday, most importantly its time to inspire peoples to come for a tree plantation, in addition at this vacation many tree planted…

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